We’re three sisters – Chelsea, Emma and Molly (L to R) – and creators of the shameless #OTJ moment. We’re so excited you’re here! To be real honest (as promised), we actually wanted to name this “On The John”. It all started when one of us was sorting through some deep, complicated thoughts on the porcelain bowl and decided “Hey, I need to share this with my sisters.” Before long, our throne-themed video messages were stamped with a #OTJ and whisked into each other’s DM’s, awaiting an equally thoughtful reply.

After some late night, dinner table brainstorming, we felt it only fair to share these profound thoughts with you all.  If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you get the gist of what we’ll be sharing with you each week; Mamahood, making your House a Home, those really cute boots, and so much more.

Our hope is that you’ll find posts you can relate to, learn from, and laugh at as our three overlapping, but oh-so-different lives unfold. We will be posting every Tuesday so be sure to mark this page as a favorite and join us for the trials, celebrations, attempting to raise kind humans, and other ‘pants around your ankles’ moments.