Breastmilk storage problem SOLVED

It’s a weird time. But we are in this together.  As I mentioned in our IG stories, my trip to the east coast has turned into an extended stay due to the COVIS outbreak which means lots of sister time and lots of trying not to eat up my nieces and nephews from an abundance of kisses and snuggles (its so hard😫).

Right before I left San Diego, I had a chance to start AND FINISH a project that was really on my mind. How there wasn’t already a solution to this problem on Pinterest is beyond me! Check it out:

Holy milk production. With Marlo, I had to work hard every day to make sure I was getting some milk put into the freezer to prepare for going back to work. And with that, I was still one of the lucky ones! This round, I have such an incredible oversupply of milk. While I was pumping and putting milk away, I was also trying to even out my supply by limiting how much I pumped. I am so, SO grateful that my body is allowing me to feed Cosmo as much as he needs as well as provide enough to set me up for success when I go back to work. So much so, that I donated about 50 ounces to a new mama and who’s supply was limited for her newborn baby girl.

Here is the dilemma I was up against. I store all of my breastmilk in a deep freezer in the garage. It’s a chest freezer so it’s square and tall and doesn’t exactly allow for the first-in-first-out method. When it comes time to start pulling milk out for daycare, I was going to have to sift through (while leaving the door open) to find the earliest dates and I was running out of space!

I looked on Pinterest to find how other mothers we’re managing/storing their milk in deep freezers; surely someone else has already solved this problem? Not so much luck.

Here is how I did it!
I took a pack of colorful construction paper and cut the sheets down to fit a gallon size Ziploc. Each color represents a different week. I laid 8-10 bags of frozen milk in each Ziploc along side a sheet of corresponding colored paper. I took scrap pieces of each color and taped them to a larger sheet so I could track which weeks/colors have been used and know exactly what color I need to grab next.

I was able to turn this:

Into this🤩🤩:

Each Ziploc can hold 10 – 12 Lansinoh milk bags averaging 5 to 6 ounces each. So that’s about 60 ounces give or take in each Ziploc. When I took this photo, the bag on the right labeled March 1 was the bag that I was adding to each day.

Unfortunately, as I fill more Ziploc‘s, I will stack them on top so digging for the oldest milk still applies here. But! I’ll know exactly what color I’m after, allowing me to get in and out quickly! And I now have room to double my existing stash!

For my pregnant mamas, you can find Greetings From The John on Pinterest now and pin this post for future reference!