Broccoli in the bath, ya know?

Two nights ago, at 3am, I woke up to a phone call from one of the nurses at the NICU. “Everything’s fine,” she said, “but Charlie has had a few events here and it appears we took him off the CPAP machine too soon.”

“Everything’s fine” was on repeat inside my head as she continued to explain. Before they took him off the CPAP, he really was doing great and all signs pointed to him being ready to come off. And we do have to test things like this to see how he handles it, so I understood. But it’s a scary call to get, especially when you’re still half asleep. She explained that his red blood cell count was also low and it could be why his oxygen wasn’t being distributed properly throughout his little body. So they needed our consent to give him a blood transfusion. They actually called again around 5:30am to get our consent and I’ve never seen Bojo move so fast to get out the door to go be with him. It would be administered over 3 hours and he wouldn’t be able to eat until much later. I can’t tell you how comforting it was to know he was right next to Charlie during this. I know it’s hard for him as a dad to not be able to control anything right now, but he can at least be there. And that’s exactly what he did – sang him some songs and said a prayer, held his hand too. He’s just the best best best dad.

Later they evening, Charlie was having trouble going to the bathroom so they gave him a suppository and he pooped! Milestones like this have consumed my life since Millie was born. Any parent out there knows what it’s like to obsessively monitor each bowel movement and then promptly share the color and consistency with your spouse. And I couldn’t be happier about it 🙂

We snuggled with him this morning and he’s doing much better! I love that he still has that delicious newborn smell – it’s intoxicating. They have him on a ventilator now, not because he can’t breathe on his own, but to help get him back to that 21% oxygen level he was at before (he’s at 26% now). Sweet little guy just needed a little more support. The blood transfusion seemed to really help too. And he’s feeding regularly now. We’ll be heading back later this evening for some bath time and more snuggles.

Last night we went to see Millie, she was just getting home from a Baltimore trip with Mian. We walked in to see her getting a sink bath and eating broccoli haha. This kid is living the dream! Getting her ready for bed and doing all the normal mom things made me feel so much better. I still don’t know what to do with myself sometimes, all I want is to be able to take care of my kids. But it helped to see her, snuggle her, lay her down for bedtime and watch her fall fast asleep.

These pics are from a few days ago. Mama got a new phone and I’m not quite ready to share it with Millie yet 😉


Each day we get through is another day closer to taking my babies home. And it will be the best day ever.