Day ten – Gratitude

I’ll be honest, I’m glad Thanksgiving came and went as quickly as it did. It just felt like another day to get through and I didn’t want to give it anything more. And while I think it’s okay to be feeling that way, I have still had a couple days to reflect on it and at the end of the day, I have so damn much to be grateful for.

My family still put together a delicious Thanksgiving, which Bojo brought to me and even included leftovers. It hit the spot. Gimme turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce from a can and I am SET. So yummy. My mom also made this delicious pecan sweet potato souffle that just needs to be a staple at this point for family dinners – amazing.

That evening, my dad and Bojo stuck around to let me whoop their butts in Letter Tycoon. I’ll admit board games aren’t really my thing, but this one is pretty fun and there’s probably not another game out there that gives me the opportunity to beat both my dad and husband.

Yesterday, Millie, Bojo, my mom, Chelsea and Olive visited and we were finally able to use the playroom again. That place is a godsend and really makes my visits with Millie a lot more enjoyable. It’s hard, because she’s so taken with my mom and Chels right now, even Olive too, so there’s not much mama love. But watching her play and having her near makes it better. She’ll be my girl again soon. <3


Later, my mom sent me the below photo of more packages arriving from the Amazon wishlist I made. You guys, overwhelmed doesn’t even cut it. I am just floored and so appreciative of everything that’s been sent. You have no idea how much it’s helping make this stay a little more tolerable. I even have some of the nursing staff here scoping out my mini library and coloring book collection haha. I plan to get through all of them too!

Then this morning, Chels and Kyle brought Millie back so we could try to take some family photos. I hadn’t envisioned hospital grounds as my backdrop, but we pulled it off! It also felt really nice to put on a pretty dress and heels, a couple hours of feeling like myself instead of the patient.

And thennnn this afternoon I received an onslaught of photos and videos showing a few of Bojo’s buddies at our house raking all the leaves in our backyard. It was a half-hearted request of Bojo’s, more like a nice to have but certainly not necessary. But leave it to those guys to show up, make an afternoon of it and even have some fun too. Thank you so much Jay, Adam, Tim and Pat!

We have an army of love and support surrounding us from near and far and it has me feeling overwhelmed with so much gratitude. Usually you can count on me crying at least once a day while being here, but today I’m up to 3 times and they’re mostly happy tears. Any strength I have to get through my days here are because of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.