DIY Concrete Fireplace

Kyle and I have many hopes and dreams for this home, and when we sit down and actually think about all we have done in the past three years… it’s pretty incredible.  ALL of this wouldn’t be possible without our family and friends who have lent a helping hand lifting, tearing down, building back up, and the never ending babysitting of our kids.  Even more so… none of this would exist without my #handybubs, Kyle, my main man.   He never gives up, there is always a solution, and he brings my never ending visions to life. ((Thank you for letting me gush.))

Before we go any further… here is just a small glimpse of what it looked like before purchasing the home….

Please take note of that carpet… the paneling… the blown ceiling…that ONE light in the middle of the room, and of course the fireplace.

Before taking on the fireplace there were months of painting, Kyle surprising me one weekend I was away by scraping the ceiling for a more modern look, installing can lighting overhead, falling in love with our new vinyl plank flooring….and this was just in this picture!


^This is after three years of work and current #REALLIFE.  The messy chaos… the hodge podge of furniture… the annoying cords… but also the immense difference! I day dream about having furniture that matches, maybe a delicious coffee table like this, and no more toys to squirrel away… but then again, that would mean this season in our life would be over, so the hodge podge will do.

Back to the fireplace! In August, we turned our attention to this bad boy….I wish I had a better photo of that brick against that delicious burgundy carpet….but this will suffice.



Not terrible, but just not our style.  Demolition went under way, and with the help of Popps, this transformed before our eyes……




True to Chelsea and Kyle form… it isn’t complete yet but it is pretty dang close.  I love the raw look of the concrete.  We took off the gold trim around the fireplace and painted the entire backing in high heat black paint.  Our wood stove is from 1987 but is still doing its job so she’ll stay for now….plus I enjoy the bug-like look it exudes.  I’m considering painting the shiplap something moody. We thought about doing some shelving on either side but I really like the simplicity of it all. Plus… it’s just one more thing to dust… mama doesn’t have time for it all. A little more ceiling trim work and then putting a protective coat on our faux vertical beams and she’s complete!


Now to the nitty gritty….



I do way better with visuals rather than explaining things so hopefully the pictures speak for themselves!  We used about 10 boxes of Henry’s Feather Finish to complete the entire look.  Mix one box at a time because it sets in less than 15 minutes so you don’t have a lot of time to work it.  It helps to have two or more people doing this at once.

There ya have it! I can’t wait to see it 100% complete… I just need to figure out what that looks like (ha!).