DIY Magnetic Board

Our home is a never ending ripple affect at times and navigating those question marks of what to do next can be a bit daunting but completely conquerable! We tore down a wall in what seemed like mere minutes after closing on our home… and we were left with a raw edge countertop and an unfinished cabinetry panel in our island.

Enter a bored mama sitting at the dining room table eating her beloved Frosted Flakes wondering what to do with this space, when inspiration struck.  I thought I could probably find a sheet of metal at Home Depot, cut it to size, slap some glue on the back and lovingly display our favorite family magnets for all the world to see.  It was a little bit more complicated than that with nailing trim and such, but it was completed in a matter of minutes thanks to the handy works of my Bub’s (dubbed #handybubs) and has since been a constant source of entertainment for babies, toddlers, and big kids alike. The letter magnets are over 8 years old and have been in countless mouths of babies… leaving only a handful left which is probably good since my husband and I used to leave inappropriate words on it and half of my kids can read now.

Shutterfly really knocks it out of the park with their deals on magnets and such. Every time our family grows, or there is just too good of a photo not to share, I can always count on a them to facilitate this never ending guilty pleasure.

Do you happen to have a space for something like this? We would love to see!

Click below for supplies used!

Magnetic Letters

Galvanized Sheet Metal

Photo Magnets

Liquid Nail