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We are all about finding products that make our days easier, our kids happier, or just something to bring some joy during this tough time. When we find something good, we have to try it and we HAVE to share it.

You’ve likely seen a surge in products on our page and we have more to share! When we first got started with, we scratched our heads in confusion, trying to get it set up. But we quickly got the hang of it and we wanted to share, from a consumer side, just how easy it is!

1. Start by downloading the app; it looks like this!

2. Next, go to the search bar and switch it from Product Search to Influencer Search, type in Greetings from the John and hit “follow.” While on our page, you can find links to all of the products that we post about in our IG! That’s it!

When you buy items using these links, GFTJ makes a small commission. We are excited to use those funds to do more exciting giveaways and  support other small businesses!

This leads me to two products that have begun to make their way into all of our homes.

Meet, the Delonghi ESAM 3300🤩  This started as a birthday gift/Christmas gift/push present, all wrapped up in one. As of yesterday,  it made its way into Chelsea’s home as a means of isolation survival.

If you are a latte lover like us, then consider all the research done and reviews read; this is the one you want. If, pre-COVID, you got yourself a Starbucks even just once a week, this bad boy will pay for itself in less than a year. I sound like a car salesman but SO BE IT. It is worth every penny.

Next up: Native sneaks.

These slip on sneaks are light as a feather for maximum play effort and they come in a million colors. The sizing is a little tricky so for frame of reference. Marlo is a perfect size 5 which means she’ll be in 6’s by Friday (these kids grow too damn fast!). So I purchased a size “toddler 7”  in hopes that they would be just a smidge big with room to grow. As you can tell in the picture, it’s going to be a minute before she fits into these. Ill be tucking them away for future use and I already ordered a size 6 in another color because I know she’ll wear them!

We are going to keep sharing our favorite products so let us know what you think of anything you opt to get!! And thank you to our current followers for supporting GFTJ. We love you all!