Hello friends! I am going to make this short and sweet because I don’t want this to sound too much like a plug.  Once upon a time I shared about a new app I had been using and then never followed thru with the an update about it.   Enter… Kidizen!  I have been using this bad boy for a couple of months and I have really enjoyed it.  It’s pretty much a one stop shop to buy and sell baby, kids, and mama clothes.

    This is the app!


A friend of mine had posted about this app on facebook, sharing that she had purchased a bunch of gently used clothing thru Kidizen and how impressed she was with it all.  I checked it out, noticed that you could sell your gently used/new kids clothing and thought I would give it a go.  What I like about this is the efficiency and the good profit you can make from it.  I’ve done garage sales… you can’t sell kids coats for more than $4, those early birds never adhere to your 8am start time, and the change… you always have to have change for those ever present .50 cent stuffed animals.  I have done the totswaps! I have made a wonderful profit doing these as well, but the organizing, tagging, pinning, hanger wrestling, and setting them up in a cold fairground building is just a bit much. (But again, I happily do this to put some money in our family’s fun bin!)  Plus… who is to say those will be viable in the next couple of months due to this bummer pandemic we are all experiencing.

It’s pretty simple, gather your items… take photos… post the item with desired amount and you’re off to the races. I personally have only dipped my toe in all the possibilities from this application. People can ‘favorite’ your items which gives you the opportunity to ‘bargain’ or offer a lower price.  You can bundle items so if someone purchases a certain number of items they then get a certain percentage off their total.  You can then purchase and print a shipping label (which is sent to your email) and once packaged… you just leave in your mailbox for your trusty postal service worker to send it on it’s merry way. You never leave your home!  Here’s a peek at what my handle looks like.

This is a closer look at what I see on my end.  You can see that I have made 25 sales…. and have $43 in the bank.  I have already ‘cashed out’ once before this for $175 (You don’t have to wait that long, it’s just what I did) and it goes into your Paypal account.


This is short and sweet version of how I do it…. I have a pile (nice and neat I promise!) in our extra bedroom closet of clothes that I would like to try and sell.  I try and post at least 10 at a time ( I would do more if I had time/more drive to do so ha!) and then put them back in the closet. Out of sight and out of the way! Once something is sold it looks something this….

I like to wrap the item in tissue paper and secure with pretty tape.  Place items in a shipping bag, print out a pre-paid shipping label from Kidizen (price based on weight) and place it in the mailbox.  Pre-quarantine, Wells and I would go to the post office to drop off because the ladies were always so nice, it was necessary adult interaction, and they always had yummy candy. In the beginning, I didn’t purchase a shipping label because I didn’t have any ink in my printer and said printer was unplugged in a cabinet dreaming of it’s intended use one day.  Since online learning began she has been filled, and shining bright by the kid’s desk.  If you do not purchase and print a label from Kidizen you must add the tracking number to the transaction in the app in order to get paid.  Once the item is tracked and processed thru the post office, the funds are released into your account.

Now I haven’t actually bought anything from Kidizen yet. (:  I am trying to purge and keep clothes to a minimum over here.  Currently, the girls share one closet and one dresser between the three of them. It has helped with laundry and early morning tears honestly.  Anyway…. this totally sounded like one big plug for Kidizen, and in the end it’s ok. From one mama to another, I appreciate an app like this.  If you decide to give it ago here is my referral link to get $5 off your first purchase.  Bottom line: I have made close to $200 in a short amount of time with items that have been sitting in our closets collecting dust.  I hope this helps put a little extra something in your pocket and please let me know if you have any questions!