Raise your hand if you’ve seen Moana 57 times, today.

How’s everyone doing out there? How many cups of coffee have you had? Have you started drinking yet today? How many days have you gone without showering? I’m on day 4 of dry shampoo and a prayer, it’s going well.

Our days at home these past 5 weeks have been long but good and include LOTS of water play. Millie has decided that every time I go to wash a dish or even think about brushing my teeth, that it means it’s time to pull up a chair and join in. I’ve officially moved the sopping wet kitchen rug to another room and morning baths are a thing now, but it works. I’ve embraced more messes than usual and honestly everyone’s (mostly) happier about it (love ya Boj). Truth is, I’m mostly taking my cue from her. I have water beads, kinetic sand, beads, play doh, coloring books, markers, paint and way too much Moana happening on the daily. And while each activity can range anywhere from 4-7 minutes, somehow she’s still smiling and dancing through it all.

Charlie keeps packing on the lbs and I am thoroughly enjoying watching him open up. He’s a smiley, snuggly lil guy and I just eat him up. We’re still up twice a night, but we’ve fallen into a kind of routine that makes me feel like I’m more in control of his progress, rather than his constant monitoring in the NICU. I have found so much comfort in simply taking his lead and letting him guide me. I have fallen more in love with him these past few weeks because of it. I didn’t do nearly enough baby wearing with Millie, but it’s my favorite thing to do with Charlie – we are so bonded and I feel like I’ve made up for a lot of those missed moments when he was first born.

Molly, Marlo and Cosmo came back last week to wrap up her extended visit before she heads back to San Diego at the end of April. And it has been the absolute BEST thing, for Millie and Marlo especially. I know we joke about forcing them to become best friends, but truly they are two peas in a pod just chasing after each other and endlessly entertaining us with their giggles and imagination (and some pushing, let’s be honest). Still, what a treat. Cosmo is the chillest baby there ever was and his smile just melts me, he is the happiest lil guy and it’s a testament to how Molly has handled being on her own as a new mom of two. I know how hard it’s been on her to be away from home, but she is handling it with such grace and patience, and it’s been a wonderful gift to have this extra time with her and the kiddos. We miss them so much when they’re in SD.

Bojo continues to work from home in our makeshift office space downstairs and it works out okay. I know the girls running up and down the hallway, slamming doors and shrieking with laughter doesn’t always make for the calmest working environment, but we’re fortunate that he can still work. My favorite part of the day is when he’s coming up the stairs, slides open the door and we hear Millie exclaim “Dadaaaaa!!” That girl lights up when she seems him. I do too.

All in all, we know things could be worse, but we are grateful for our grocery and alcohol deliveries, daily walks in the fresh air, a swingset Millie kinda sorta likes, cousin time, sister hangs, Bojo’s grilling, Marvel movie marathons, endless online shopping, staying in our pjs all day, coffee, coffee, coffee and our home. I know we’re all experiencing this in a million different ways, but hopefully in the end we can all agree that hand shakes are out and elbow bumps are in.

I hope everyone is doing okay out there!