Tell the world that I’m coming home

There is a LOT about to unfold for us Minczeski’s. The kids and I are going to fly during a pandemic😅, Casey is coming home from deployment🥰, I get to squeeze my puppies again soon🦮🦮 AND I am going back to work💻. While I am excited about each of those things, there are still mounds of uncertainty linked to each reunion.

Our trip home has been planned down to the knittiest of grittiest detail. Originally, my dad was going to fly back with me and get some time in with Marlo and his newest grandson, Cosmo. That plan invites too much risk so I will be flying alone with my kiddoes.  Emma and I have been talking through every scenario for the flight and putting plan A, B, and Can I have more of Emma’s chocolate chip banana bread?

As I work through every possible emotion, it helps to remember that there is something serendipitous about my entire situation. Getting stuck in MD while KC is deployed could have been painfully isolating ESPECIALLY being so freshly postpartum. For so many people in this country, saving lives means being lonely and being in San Diego for this would have been tough +1 newborn and -1 husband. My week long visit turned into moving in with my sisters after a cool 18 years and giving Marlo and Cosmo sun-up-to-sun-down time with their cousins.

If that isn’t enough, some close friends of mine are renovating their home in San Diego and with their lease coming to a close, they needed a place to stay until their new house was live-in ready. With our house temporarily vacant, they had safe a place to land while adhering to the shelter-in-place rules.

My sweet pups were pulled from doggy daycare once I knew I wasn’t flying home and have since been showered with love in two different households of some other close friends. Stella is with a friend who welcomes the extra heartbeat and goofy energy as a sentimental chapter in her life unfolds.

This scary and unnerving time has tested everyone’s limits. There are full-time parents playing the role of full-time teachers while working. We have people losing their jobs completely and waiting for unemployment checks as unemployment is rocket high. The thing we all have in common is the fear of the virus itself, another potential variable to an already stressful time. Now, more than ever, we have to be empathetic and kind.  Stay home so that I can get my kids home safely. Stay home so that my dad can meet his newest grandson this year. Stay home to keep those at risk, healthy.