The Most Affordable Nanny

We wouldn’t lie to you. And I am here to tell you about it.

Now that the news has broken that Emma and I are both due in early 2020, its time bust out and dust off those trusty newborn gadgets that helped make those sleepless nights and 2AM diaper changes just a hair easier. Here is a list of the top 10 must have’s that you should really consider adding to your baby registry.

10. The Lovey

There are a few things you can do to show your sweet baby that it’s time for bed. A bath, a bottle, a book, and a snuggle to name a few. There is some magic to this lovey, though, that is worth adding to your bedtime routine. Small like a stuffed animal and soft like a blanket, Lovey’s offer something for those tiny hands to really grip and snuggle close without the constant  “can they breath?!” fear. Marlo has three, one for daycare and two for home, so she knows when it’s time to rest those eyes.


9. White Noise Machine

Nap time/bedtime for baby means time to do the dishes, take a shower, and [re]heat lunch – all of which make noise. Yes, you can teach baby to self sooth and fall asleep despite the noises but sleep deprivation is real and a little help never hurt. This white noise machine has been our trusty go-to and has never let us down.

8. Snuggle Me Organic Lounger

There is actual science behind this. It works.  It is actually designed to *feel* like a hug so when your bundle of just-can’t-get-comfy is learning to adjust to existing earth-side, this trusty lounger is what you want.  There are a few alternatives to this one that are more cost-effective, but us GFTJ girls stand by the Snuggle Me brand.  This bad boy is certified organic, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic so you know it is safe for your sweet babe.


7. ItzBeen Pocket Nanny

See? I told you we wouldn’t hold out. If I received a nickel every time KC or I said “when was her last diaper change? How long since her last feeding?,” our house would be paid off. This gadget keeps you on top of things, promising an fool-proof eat/sleep/poop routine and it even tracks which boob was emptied first at the last feeding.  Yes, there is an app for everything but there is something about having a designated, routine focused device for everyone to rely on. Not on your registry? Invite me to your baby shower and this will be my gift to you.

6. Zutano Booties

I PROMISE YOU, you do not need any hard sole, Carhartt boots for your 2 week old (but we love you, Carhartt!!). Baby won’t be walking just yet and it’s just another THING to wrestle onto those tiny curled toes when you leave the house. These booties are not made for walking but they are a must have for those wintertime runs to the grocery store when you want to make sure baby stays cozy warm.

5. Owlet Foot Monitor

This one is certainly an investment but I would sell my left kidney to have the peace of mind that this gadget gave me. It’s a teeny sock that wraps comfortably around baby’s foot while they sleep, tracking their oxygen and heart rate. It sends a warning that will JOLT YOU FROM A DEEP SLUMBER if either of those vitals are outside of range.

4. Skip Hop Diaper Caddy

Overnight diaper changes require quick but careful execution while minimizing all possible threats of baby becoming TOO awake. This caddy is just what you need to have all the necessities within arms reach with a nightlight that just bright enough  to help you get the job done.

3. Baby Bjorn Bouncer

Having more than one place to quickly but safely set baby down so that you can go pee is essential. This bouncer has a small footprint, an easy bounce, and can easily be moved from room to room. I am also happy to report that it isn’t made of primary colors so it’s easy on the eyes. Win, win, win.

2. Mebie Baby Swaddles

There are only a mere 60 million swaddle options to choose from <insert overwhelmed mama here>. Let me make this simple for you: get the Mebie Baby swaddles. When they arrive in the mail, you will contemplate not sharing with baby. These swaddles are STUPID SOFT and have the perfect amount of stretch to allow baby to get comfortable but not enough where they can weasel their way out in under 40 seconds. It doesn’t hurt that the color options are drool worthy.

  1. Baby Wise Book

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to transition your newborn to sleep less when the sun is up and more when the sun is down.  This book offers a simple routine that will ensure your baby sleeps through the night. Our Marlo slept from 7PM to 6AM (with a 10PM ‘dream feed’) starting at 10 weeks old and we give serious credit to this book!

(For those who interested in my big 3 take-aways, leave us a comment asking for them!!)


What other baby registry items could you not live without?? Comment below!!