This Is Us.


Hey.  How is everyone doing out there?

I was sharing just weeks ago my disappointment to Kyle about the lack of snow days/days off from school we had this year. Little did we know a global quarantine was headed our way…

Those first few days were filled with so much worry, but have since found our current rhythm and suffice it to say how unbelievably fortunate we have been.  We have land to play on, siblings and cousins to imagine with, and our own little tight running ship bringing comfort and joy day in and day out.  Molly + Co. were visiting from California when everything went down (beginning of March) and they have been here since.  Molly is our laundry folding, sink emptying fairy that is a wizard at lattes and fellow lover of cereal.  It’s been really special having them here.  It can’t be easy being so far away from home and her pups, but I hope we have brought just as many comforts.  A little over a year ago, we found out that they were moving back to San Diego since being oh so close in Virginia for a couple of years…. and I took Marlo on a brisk walk down our hill in hopes to get her to sleep as I balled my eyes out trying to process it all.  Now we get to walk up and down that same hill watching her delight in all things Ruby with a cozy Cosmo addition.  All things considered, life is pretty rad.

We were unsure how everything was going to unfold with Kyle’s work, but we have had him working from home for almost three weeks now.  What a friggin’ joy.  He stays in his corner the whole day with moments of water breaks and quick hellos, but we will take it.  There were so many uncertainties when this turned into a pandemic I felt like my arms were visibly flailing around trying to find my footing.  Just knowing he is here and safe brings immense comfort. Here is his set up.


Look at that cutie with his blue light glasses! We ended up having to buy a computer since ours were all a bit too old to do what he needed to do.  He hooked it up to a television and got to work.  Libby loves to keep him company, which has always been a pipe dream of his.  It should be noted that this room is at the end of the hallway without a working door, so we used a mattress. (ha!)  Sound proofing at its finest!

I know Wells, I can’t believe it myself.

As for the older girls, they are continuing their education online.  Popps brought his computer for one of the girls to use and it’s been a life saver.  They can sit together and do work ’til their hearts content.  The teachers have done an incredible job, and it further solidifies my appreciation for what they do.  Many have said this is not homeschooling, and thank goodness it isn’t because I need someone to hold my hand and show me what exactly needs to get done.  They have gone beyond the call of duty.  I don’t see any of us returning this school year, but you never know.  This is their set up.


We don’t have a concrete schedule…and at times I worry that might benefit them more but this also seems to be working for us as well.  They wake up, eat, and get to work for a bit before taking a break to play outside or watch some mindless television (I’m not above it!), eat lunch and then work some more while the littles sleep.  They have found their footing much quicker than I have, but it’s been a fun dance to learn.


I have no idea how this world is going to feel once …well once what? This isn’t just going to go away right? It’s not like we are going to hit a magical day and everything will be like it once was, right?  It’s honestly too much for me to think about, so I will remain in our current quarantine bubble.  The only person who has left the neighborhood in three weeks is Kyle.  He picks up the groceries which we have contained to Costco and Wegmans pick up.  There is no leaving for karate, gymnastics, preschool, softball, Home Depot, or Aldi runs.  We have cooked every single meal for the past three weeks for 9(ish) people everyday. Our nights end with disinfecting all surfaces with our precious Clorox wipes, changing out hand towels, and watching Outlander. Currently on Season 2 finale…yowzers….that show brings such an array of emotions!  It’s sometimes too brutal to watch honestly, but I can’t get enough.  Anyone else out there watch it and want to wear all of Claire’s outfits? It’s been a joy watching she and Jamie fall in love, and every so often my Jamie calls me Sassenach and I am ALL for it.

Current quarantine attire obsession.

yep. Gimme.

I have moments of happy daydreams where this time only includes Kyle and myself, working on endless house projects, sleeping in, and binging Netflix.  But mostly I am so dang grateful for these always famished, continually squabbling, kids of mine.  Oh and sunshine.  Yes, that good good sunshine.  Please know we are always here. Hopefully our TikToks bring smiles. Hopefully our pictures bring a little light. It’s incredible what we are all collectively maneuvering together.  Not just in our city, or state, or country. But this whole big madly spinning world.  What a time to be present, slow down, and be friggin’ alive.