Upside down, right side up


Today you turn two! You are our rainbow baby, bringing so much joy after a loss that broke our hearts in half. You mended our broken hearts the moment you arrived with that head full of black hair and eyes so dark that grandpa would ask “Mars, where are your pupils?!”

Watching you turn the pages of any book you can get your hands on, soaking in the pictures and words before you and creating your own stories; it’s astounding to see. I love watching you, love your cousins; bouncing from each one to love them hard.

These last few weeks, I have asked the world of you. Cosmo arrived, splitting the dedicated attention into two. Dada left and a few hours turned into a few months. Now we hunker down in isolation, away from home, for an indefinite period of time. Through it all, you greet me in the morning with “waffles and Ruby?!”, a big ol’ toothy smile, and hug that makes me weak in the knees.  You aggressively nurture your new baby brother, even when his tears are wiped before yours. Kids are typically resilient but you are anything but typical.

I will keep teaching you your numbers and letters as long as you keep leading the way. Keep teaching me how to find comfort in the uncomfortable and to seek out gratitude when there are big Diez-sized puzzle pieces missing.

You’ve been saying without any context “Upside down? Noooo, right side up!” these last few days. Ironically, there is SO MUCH CONTEXT.

Happy birthday to my Marlo, Mars, MJ, Punkey. To my ‘right side up’ babe, I love you and thank you🤍