“Your shed is coming along nicely Mr. Pepperman”

In May of 2019 we sought cover from a nice rain in our attached garage with our soon to be contractor deliriously happy talking shop on all things pole barns.  A plan was made, and we were on our way to major changes on our property.  In July, we had FIVE 100ft pine trees taken down and the view…. was weird.  I loved watching those trees in the wind but they were 35+ years old and were at the point of potentially damaging the house or hurting someone if and when they came down on their own.  (Fun fact, a LARGE branch fell 30 minutes before we left on our week long vacation with the family that covered our entire 30ft deck…. it was only a matter of time before more came with it.)


Let’s get down to the nitty gritty…. this bad boy is 32×48 with a 12 foot patio, the ceiling height is 12 feet so we can put a car lift anywhere inside the building.  We went with the pole barn style because it’s quick, durable, and you can delay putting in the interior concrete flooring if your budget needs time to grow.  We knew wanted something that would not look out of place but gave a nice little nod to modernism and clean lines.   Our contractor spent DAYS grading and grading and grading some more… truly it was an art form in itself… not to mention kept our littles entertained for hours.  From there, TWO guys built the entire structure with the help of a front end loader and a forklift.  Interior concrete was poured, garage doors were installed, and an underground trench was dug to connect an electrical sub panel.  Final grading and inspections were passed, and we were rockin’ and rollin’…… it just took six months.  Between weather, sharing our contractor with others, and …. what seemed like TOO blue of skies, it took a bit longer than expected.  But like any good thing, you just have to wait, and I count my lucky stars this project wasn’t all up to us.  Between the kids and work, it would have taken WAY longer… perspective baby.

Is it big enough???”  and “What are ya gonna do in there?”

There are three bays, two will be for cars (old and new), mowers, our beloved golf cart, and the third will be for a wood shop for #handybubs and crew.  Our current work space includes moving at least seven bikes, three scoots, a bucket of chalk, two piles of wood, and a closed umbrella just to get to an outlet.  Not ideal when time is so precious.  With that, we parked inside our attached garage one time…. the weekend we moved in.  Long term goal, is to build an in law suite above our attached garage because the world is a better place when your mama is close.  So this was phase one, a BIG phase one, to that goal.

She’s so pretty.  We love looking at it, and it’s still a work in progress as all things are, but we still enjoy the view. The current  ‘to do list’ includes installing cedar ship lap on the ceiling of the porch, staining the exterior posts, putting in some exterior lights and creating Kyle’s dream work shop.


During construction one of our neighborhood kids shared “Wow, that shed is lookin’ good…”  we thought “how big does this shed have to be before it’s a garage?” and it still makes us giggle. Thank you for enjoying the ride with us!